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Outrageous Eye is an aerial filming, photography and production company using the very latest cutting edge UAV technology to capture breathtaking images and video from the skies. Formed by Mike Kitchen and Andrew Shillito who share a passion for aerial photography and radio controlled systems. Andy’s background in commercial design delivering stunning design for clients as diverse as Google and Adidas led the duo to form a company that could deliver outrageous images and video for clients and deliver amazing aerial content across all media channels.
We also offer a comprehensive Aerial Survey service using our UAV systems. Our UAV’s allows us to reach traditionally difficult locations. In addition we can perform surveys safely and autonomously and relay footage and pictures live to our ground-stations as well as recording and photographing as we fly. The opportunities to use UAV systems in surveying are extensive, if you have any questions with regard to your requirements, please get in touch. Outrageous eye operate with CAA approval and our pilots are BNUC-S qualified.



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Advantages of Aerial UAV’s

  • COST – Aerial filming with remote-control multicopters costs much less than hiring a cameraman and a helicopter. It opens up opportunities to film-makers, producers, art directors and photographers to make high-value “money” shots that were previously impossible due to budget limitations.
  • OUTRAGEOUS POSSIBILITIES – Our UAVs are versatile filming tools that can create incredibly smooth & fluid movements. Our multicopter can also fly through narrow areas or film at low or high altitudes and seamlessly transition between the two. We can shoot in places where a real helicopter cannot access safely. Outrageous Eye can also fly closer to subjects and perform shots too dangerous for a full size aircraft.
  • OUTRAGEOUS APPLICATIONS – Aerial images are incredibly useful as well as engaging visual content. Aerial images make great planning tools, legal documents, presentation aids, promotional & marketing materials. Aerial content can be used for property marketing, commercial photography, aerial surveys and more.


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