Karting at Fulbeck / Newark

Outrageous Eye recently spent a day with the guys at Fulbeck filming the Karting. These machines were incredible, reaching speeds of up to 100mph on the straights. We could ‘only just’ keep up with our UAV’s. We took some amazing footage from perspectives that would not otherwise be possible, chasing the Karts and getting in […]

Look North.

Outrageous Eye took some footage over the festival ‘Under the Stars’ to be held at Cannon Hall Farm the weekend of July 25th. Mike Kitchen flew his GoPro equipped DJI Phantom over the event and captured some footage, a clip of which was requested by BBC’s Look North team who were reporting at the event. […]

Bermuda Photos.

Mike is back in Blighty today and as far as we are aware his DJI Phantom did not meat an untimley end in the Ocean. From the pictures and video’s he has posted on our Facebook page it’s clear he obviously tried hard to loose it, but was unsuccessful!
Here are a couple of great pictures […]

Rothwell Carnival Radio.

Andy was invited to be a guest on Rothwell Carnival Radio to talk about aerial filming and Outrageous Eye. Andy spent an hour in the studio with the team playing a few tracks and discussing design and ‘drones’ as well as the wide range of work we undertake at Outrageous Eye. It was a fun […]

Fly the light – Telecommunications Survey

A line of sight telecommunications survey required a few minor modifications to our DJI S1000. We removed the camera and gimbal and replaced it with a 2000watt light. The light needed to be flown at precise GPS co-ordinates so that it could be viewed from a distance of approximately 6 miles away. The DJI S1000 […]


Even on his Hoilday’s in Bermuda – Mike managed to pack a DJI Phantom 2 and GoPro with 3 Axis Gimbal!
Here is a clip of some fun over the water shooting friends and family from the air.

Line of Sight Surveys

The Outrageous Eye Aerial team are heading over to Hull today to participate in an ambitions Line of Sight Survey spanning a distance of 16 miles. The work entails flying our DJI S1000 with a specially modified payload carrying a high intensity light and a long range camera. Flying to specific GPS positions and to […]