On a very bright and chilly Sunday morning in early October, Outrageous Eye undertook an extensive roof survey of the Empire Theatre roof in Sunderland for Simpson Property Consultants. We used our GoPro equipped UAV to capture both high resolution stills and video of the roof around many areas of the theatre, including the magnificent tower. Our UAV systems allowed us to get close to the roof and structures to take many images that can now be used to assess the condition of the roof.

On the large picture below you can just make out our UAV flying amongst some quite large seagulls! The roof needed to be surveyed from all 4 sides of the building and would have taken at least 2 days to survey traditionally using a cherry picker. Our UAV’s surveyed the roof in a fraction of the time and also gave us the flexibility to take pictures from anywhere we needed. We used a live video downlink from the UAV so that the surveyor on site could direct the pilot to position the UAV to get the survey shots he needed.