Below are a number of frequently asked questions – click each one to expand. We get asked lots of questions regarding our UAV systems, often referred to as Drones. If there is anything you want to discuss that’s not covered in our FAQ’s, then please get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Outrageous Eye are CAA approved for aerial drone operation and our Pilots are EuroUSC trained. When filming or photographing from the skies it is imperative that the company you choose to work with is both fully insured and fully qualified. Outrageous Eye are fully insured with £5M public liability insurance for aerial work and we follow a strict risk assessment and flight procedure plan for every job. This ensures that all health and safety considerations are accounted for and that the flight can go ahead in a safe and controlled manner. Timing is always critical with aerial work, and ideally a bright, clear day is required for filming. Our UAV systems do not currently operate in the rain. We work closely with clients to arrange contingency plans for aerial work as dictated by the weather.

No, we can only fly in good weather, wind speed ideally needs be be below 25mph. We continually monitor the weather reports to ensure that we schedule flights when conditions are optimum.

Yes. We have a live video downlink from the craft so that we are able to see what we are filming or photographing in real time. We have full camera control idependently of the craft – which is why we require 2 people to man the craft in order to fly and film at the same time. We can set up additional live video feeds to that clients can review footage in dealt time and art direct the shots based on their requirments.

This is a question we are asked a lot!
We can fly to a maximum altitude of 400ft (122metres) which is high. We can fly up to 500m horizontally. If required we can apply to the CAA for special permission to fly higher.

We price out jobs on a per job basis – this is based on location, time and the required number of people to undertake the job, as well as any risk assessments and legislative paperwork that needs to be completed to undertake the work. A minimum of 2 people are required to attend most jobs to ensure compliance with strict CAA guidelines on piloting unmanned aircraft. Jobs normally require both a pilot and also a camera operator, although some jobs can be undertaken by a single pilot. In some instances, we will insist on a 3rd person acting in a spotter/flight area security capacity.

We can supply raw footage from a job to the client – or we can produce final output, be that a film / video or series of images.

Pre site visit/surveys are charged at £450 per day (includes mileage)

Basic price guide:


£650full day
  • Single Pilot
    Shooting with GoPro Camera


£950full day
  • Single Pilot
    GH3 Z15 Gimbal


£1295full day
  • Pilot & Camerman
    Operated GH3 Z15 Gimbal

Yes, as well as capturing the raw footage, we can also produce your final output in a variety of formats. From raw footage handed over on site within minutes of being in the air; to full blown corporate and promotional films. Anything is possible with our team of highly experienced design and editing professionals.

From the initial contact through to the final delivery, we work closely and efficiently to ensure total client satisfaction. With expertise at every stage of the process we deliver an unrivaled level of service to each and every customer.