The Outrageous Eye Aerial team are heading over to Hull today to participate in an ambitions Line of Sight Survey spanning a distance of 16 miles. The work entails flying our DJI S1000 with a specially modified payload carrying a high intensity light and a long range camera. Flying to specific GPS positions and to precise compass bearings, we are acting as the centre point for a survey to review the possibility of positing a communications tower just off shore that would relay with an additional communication tower at sea. Our UAV systems allow us to fly in locations that would be very difficult to access using traditional methods to conduct such a survey, and obviously where we are working from, there is currently no communications tower constructed. Our UAV will be positioned where the tower would align with the land and off shore communication relays. This is another great example of how using UAV’s / Drones to conduct aerial surveys allows clients greater flexibility and cost savings in conducting feasibility studies.