Project Description

The DJI Flagship Aerial Film Platform Spreadwings S1000

Our DJI S1000 is our biggest craft and is the go-to craft for aerial film at a professional level. We use the DJI S100 to capture aerial video and aerial photographs in Yorkshire and also the rest of the UK. Our S1000 is equipped with a Zenmuse 3 Axis gimbal and a Panasonic GH3 camera. This combination is widely regarded as the industry standard for aerial cinematography. Outrageous Eye’s DJI S1000 is flown by 2 people, one person to fly the craft and one person to fly the camera. The craft is fully GPS enabled which allows precise positioning in the sky as well as iPad and ground station waypoint ability.

We run the new Tattu 22000 lipo batteries in the DJI S1000, these give us between 15 and 20mins of flight time per battery.