Aerial Photography

Using the latest S1000 Octocopter from DJI and also the incredible Panasonic GH3 camera, our Photography UAV can obtain shots that would be impossible, or extremely costly via traditional channels. Our equipment sends realtime video to the ground, so that we can monitor and frame the exact shots we need. A fully stabilized camera system ensures that we get rock steady shots as well as complete freedom to position the camera remotely as the UAV flies. Additional ground-station screens can be setup to allow art direction of shots and to allow clients to see realtime feedback of the images from the craft. Once a clients images are captured we have postproduction and facilities to enhance and process images as required.


We are able to provide aerial services across the UK and also in Europe.

Our range of services and facilities allow us to offer a truly unique property marketing offer. We can film and shoot a property from the air as well as from the ground and edit together a compelling showreel to sell or promote a given property or area. Every job is different and we can cater for all manner of requirements, from simply shooting the raw footage, through to handling all graphic, video and editing needs to supply the final film ready for client use across various media channels.