Aerial Surveys

In addition to creative image making, our aerial crafts are fantastic for aerial surveys. From roof and building surveys, to chimney and wind-farm surveys, we can get our cameras into places that no other shooting platform can. All footage and images can be viewed in realtime from the ground as well as recored for further scrutiny. Aerial surveys using our UAV’s save time and money compared with traditional survey methods. We can also set up GPS waypoint and mission planning to cover a route autonomously, whilst recording and capturing images.

Our Aerial UAV’s are the ideal tool to conduct surveys and inspections

Carrying out aerial surveys using our UAV technology is both safer and significantly less expensive then conventional methods. With our aerial UAV’s we can remove the risks normally associated with working at height. We can fly close enough to any structure to obtain highly detailed images or HD video. Below are just a few of the key area in which we can work with our UAV’s, if you have any questions then please – just get in touch.


  • Archaeological Surveys
  • Thermal Imaging Surveys
  • Wind Turbine Inspections
  • Power Line Inspections
  • Rooftop Surveys
  • Bridge inspections
  • Maintenance Inspections
  • 3D Mapping / Photogrammetric triangulation
  • Insurance Inspections
  • Construction Surveys
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Dam Inspections

Survey technology examples

3D terrain and land mapping

Our 3D Mapping software we can build an accurate 3D model of an area which can then be used to extract data such as volumes, weight and distances. Our software creates an accurate 3D model from aerial photos taken autonomously with our UAV. The YouTube video shows a short demo of the software in action. This technology can be used for:

Photogrammetric triangulation / Digital elevation model: DSM/DTM export
Georeferenced orthomosaic images
Allows us to carry out Measurements: distances, areas, volumes
3D model: generation and texturing

View the full screen version of the demo here.

Virtual Tours

360iconClick and drag the image to the left to look around the Virtual Tour.
This is a tour taken from a Line of Sight Survey to allow the client to clearly see the area around the position of a proposed communication mast. Tours can include hotspots and multiple locations shot from the air to provide a unique and immersive perspective. Tours can also include GPS and compass information so that you can see heading of the UAV. Additional infomtation and GPS hot spots can also be embedded into the tour to make this tool incredibly useful for surveying a significant area of land.


Outrageous Perspectives

Our UAV’s allow us to shoot and film from a height of 400 feet, which allows us to get incredible shots of structures that would otherwise be very difficult to reach through the use of conventional methods. We can rapidly deploy one of our UAV systems to locations that would be dangerous for a manned survey to take place. We can also fly close to elements that need visually recording and capture very high resolution images that can be safely reviewed on the ground. Deploying a UAV aerial system to survey a roof or structure allows the client and our operators to precisley position our drones so that we can get the exact shots required. We have a video downlink that allows us to see the footage as a live feed from the UAV so that we can ensure we are getting the shots or film we need.