Property Marketing

Our range of services and facilities allow us to offer a truly unique property marketing experience to estate agents and private sellers. We can film and shoot a property from the air as well as from the ground and edit together a compelling showreel to sell or promote a given property or area. Every job is different and we can cater for all manner of requirements, from simply shooting the raw footage, through to handling all graphic, video and editing needs to supply the final film ready for client use across various media channels.


Outrageous Possibilities

Our UAV’s allow us to shoot and film from a height of 400 feet, which allows us to get incredible shots that can really show a property and it’s surrounding grounds to it’s full potential. In addition to shooting high quality images we can also film at the same time to provide clients with footage as well as still images. We can precisely position the camera whilst in the air and we have a live video downlink so that clients can see the images before they are captured.


Outrageous Flexibility

The camera on our UAV’s is operated independently from the flight of the craft. Capturing great images requires a two man team, one person to fly the craft and another to fly the camera. This configuration allows us to precisley frame the shots that we want whilst also flying the craft to the exact position we require.